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First Class Wedding Entertainment

Congratulations on your forthcoming wedding

Weddings are a speciality for Advance DJs.

ADVANCE DJS have an excellent portfolio and have 23 years experience performing at weddings, ranging from large gatherings to small intimate receptions using a very select team of experienced Wedding DJs.(we only use the BEST DJs)

From the first consultation to the final dance and farewell, our professional and experienced DJ/MC will deliver your entertainment, announcements and any other formalities with precision and care.

You can rest assured that proper etiquette, quality Sound & Lighting systems and qualified Company Representatives will deliver an unforgettable evening of entertainment. They excel in their enthusiasm and ability to create the perfect atmosphere

   " You deserve the best! It�s your Wedding Day. "


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First Dance
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Father and Daughter Dance
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Wedding Venues
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Band and DJ packages also available

Wedding Fairs and Fashion Shows

Advance DJs - DJ/MC Paul White has been providing high quality sound and lighting for well known Wedding and Fashion show Co-ordinators for many years.

Terry Burns (RDS Bride of the year show)
Terry Higgins (Champagne Promotions)
Anne Marie Gannon (Citywest wedding show,TV3)
Karen Devine (Devine Hospitality)
Marie Reavey (wedding co-ordinator)
The Event Angels (wedding fairs)

We provide
Bose 802 or DAS 4 speaker surround sound system
2 cordless radio microphones
Cd players mixer and minidisc along with laptop
12 uplighters 300 � 500 watt for ramp and stage area
Background music played for the duration of the Wedding Fair
Music for Fashion show
Experienced MC

This system is available for all Hotel Wedding fairs or fundraising fashion shows
Let us give your show the lift it needs to make it an unforgettable event.

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Wedding Entertainment

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| Djs in Tyrone | Djs in Fermanagh | Djs in Monaghan | Djs in Cavan | Djs in Louth |
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| Dj in Donegal | Dj in Derry | Dj in Antrim | Dj in Down | Dj in Armagh |
| Dj in Tyrone | Dj in Fermanagh | Dj in Monaghan | Dj in Cavan | Dj in Louth |
| Dj in Meath | Dj in Dublin | Dj in Wicklow | Dj in Wexford | Dj in Carlow |
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