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The Full Evening Wedding Dj Package is becoming our most requested DJ packages, Couples are realising the value for money this service offers .. The immediate saving of between �900 - �1500 ..against using a band and DJ.
The Wedding Djs that operate within Advance Djs are the most experienced available in Ireland and have proven track records with years of experience playing at every type of event out there.
This experience cannot be bought over the counter� there is more to being a Wedding DJ than playing the music .. A good Wedding DJ will use his MC skills and music knowledge to control the atmosphere at your Wedding Reception.. He will also be friendly approachable...take requests from people attending your Wedding..

The key benefits of using a DJ only

� Huge savings �900 � �1500
� Original track is played so hearing a bad cover version
� Music set � we have the freedom with no limitations to change direction in music styles.................. accommodate the flow of events on the night as it happen �on the fly�
� Music set not limited � unlike live bands we do not play the same or similar set at every wedding.. ..we take requests prior to the wedding from the Bride and Groom and have the ability to............... ..take requests from guests and play them on the night
� No break - continuous music set with no breaks for the full night (a low volume background set........ ...will be played while evening food is being served)


Full Evening wedding DJ package

� Professional Wedding Dj (With no less than 10 years experience)

� Up to 5 Hours playing time (or until venue closing time)

� Assigned Wedding Dj will be in direct contact with bride and groom

� Professional Sound System and Lighting

� Wedding Dj dressed formally unless otherwise stated (Full back up equipment on site)

� Consultation on music selection

� Access to our online music database (select/create your own playlist)

� Wedding Dj will liaise with the venue if required

� Set up directly after meal / speeches (while hotel/Venue prepare room)

� Wedding Dj will welcome bride and groom for back to the room 1st Dance

� Wedding Dj will carry out all formalities required including tossing of Bouquet, etc

� Full evening of non stop musical entertainment

Our Full Evening Wedding DJ package Fee€350 - €450
When having a DJ as the sole entertainment for your Wedding... you need to be certain that they are experienced and can keep the atmosphere going for 4/5 hrs.... Not all DJs can do this

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