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Some myths used by live bands when trying to sell you the bands so called� DJ service� which they claim will save you money.

� The Wedding DJ WILL be set up and ready to play as soon as the band finish with no break in music.

� The Wedding DJ WILL have a full back up system in the event of equipment failure.

� The Wedding DJ WILL liase with the band to ask what songs they have in their set list and also hear at least ...1hr of the bands set ...

You are NOT saving money as the service offered is nothing near the standard of a professional experienced wedding Dj... There is more than being a DJ than playing music

keyboard players / Drummers / lead singers or any band members are not Full time Wedding DJs.

We on the other hand are and do not "double job" on the night of your wedding.. using a seperate Wedding DJ who.. unlike the band member who has just played a 2hr live set with the band will be fresh and fully focused for the remaining 2.5 hours.. From our experience it is a pre-recorded minidisc/CD that is left playing while the bands equipment is being wrapped up .... ..Experienced Wedding DJs will have been playing music for up to 20 years so will be familiar with all types of music and can read the people in the room and choose the music to suit (this experience cannot be bought or copied).

Why risk it on the biggest event of your life.. Choose a professional Wedding DJ


After band wedding package (content)

� Professional experienced Wedding Dj

� Up to 2.5 hours of playing time (or until venue closing time)

� Wedding Dj assigned will in direct contact with bride and groom

� Professional Sound System and Lighting with full back up on site

� Wedding Dj dressed smart casually unless instructed otherwise

� Full Consultation regarding music and meeting if required

� Access to our online playlist building tool ..with over 10,000 songs

� Wedding Dj will liaise with the venue / band if required

� Set up at same time as band or at bands break during evening refrestments

� The DJs music will begin as soon as the band finishes their last song.

� Dj will carry out any formalities required on the night

* Early afternoon set up can be arranged if convenient which will incur an additional fee

Our after band DJ ... Fee �250 - €350

We are aware that there are cheaper options out there.. .. you need to be certain that they are experienced and can keep the atmosphere going for 2.5 hrs.... Not all Wedding DJs can do this..
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